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Located at the foot of the Arandas Hill, Irapuato is a city in the Mexican State of Guanajuato. Lying between the Silao River & the Guanajuato River, it is the second largest city within the State. Throughout the country, Irapuato is famous for its strawberries, fruits, flowers & gardens. With pleasant weather nearly year-round, the city is well-known amongst travellers.

Here one can learn about all – art, history and tradition.

Some of the most popular attractions within Irapuato include City Museum, Irapuato Cathedral, Parish of Our Lady of La Soledad, Irapuato Zoo, Fountain of Dancing Water, Irapuato Convention Center, John Paul II Monument & Miguel Hidalgo Square. Shopaholics should add laza Cibeles Mall & Plaza Cibeles to their list.


Dolphins Fountain

Dolphin Fountain is one of several attractions in Irapuato.

It is said that Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg gifted three fountains to the State of Guanajuato. One fountain resides in Irapuato while the other two are in the cities of Leon & Guanajuato.

Dancing Fountain Water

Introduced in December 2004, the Dancing Fountain Water is situated in the central plaza of Irapuato. A light, music & water show is held here every night. The rainbow coloured water dances spectacularly to musical beats, leaving all of its spectators amused.


The Cathedral (Irapuato Cathedral)

The Cathedral is also known as Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral. Constructed around the 16th Century, the cathedral holds a prominent place in the city. Visitors will notice Baroque style architecture on its exterior, while the interior has a more Neoclassical architectural style. It’s easy to see how architectural enthusiasts will be left impressed.

Irapuato Convention Center (Inforum)

The Irapuato Convention Center holds a special place in the city. It is a place where different types of events are organised including concerts, stage shows, social events & more. It also serves as host to the annual ExpoFresas, a strawberry festival held in December every year. Don’t miss out and be sure to check out what’s happening here while in the city.


Parish of Our Lady of La Soledad

Parish of Our Lady of La Soledad is a catholic Christian Community Temple with Baroque styled architecture representative of the 24th century. The former old temple is remains a site to behold both inside and outside.

Plaza Jacarandas

For those who love shopping, Plaza Jacarandas is the place to visit. Here one can find stores, outlets, eateries, toys & more. This is also a great place to visit for travellers looking for basics while away from home.


Zooira (Irapuato Zoo)

Spread over approximately five hectares of area, the Irapuato Zoo is a great place to visit for all.

It’s home to nearly 90 species & around 600 mammals including reptiles & birds. Here, one can spot white-tailed deer, Gamus & Barbary sheep, Bengal tigers, lions, pumas, jaguars, giraffes, Siberian bears, hippos, monkeys & more. The crocodile, turtle, iguana & snakes are kept in a separate area within the zoo known as “The Herpetario”. One can also seize the opportunity to feed some of these animals.

Torre del Reloj del Sol (The Clock of the Sun)

The Clock of the Sun is a famous tourist attraction in the city of Irapuato, Mexico. This structure was carved into a quarry located in Plazuela Juan Alvarez. Originally, this watch was gifted to the priest Gabino Chavez but, after many years, it was donated to the city of Irapuato.


Plaza Cibeles

Plaza Cibeles is a mall where travellers can easily find almost all the items they might need, including day-to-day essentials, gifts & souvenirs to take back home. Here, visitors will find various stores from well-known brands like H&M, Liverpool, Lacoste, MiniSo & more. These outlets carry the latest fashion, electronics & essentials.